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            Smarter mortgages to help move you ahead.

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            Expert advice for any stage of your life

            Buying my first home

            Make your first house a home with a smarter cash back mortgage.

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            Downsizing my home

            When it's time to downsize, you have a lot of decisions to make. We have the right advice for you.

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            Upsizing my home

            Upgrade your home with a smarter Line of Credit.

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            Switching to Servus

            Not all mortgages are the same. Ours is the only one that pays you money back, every year.

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            Financial Flexibility

            Our mortgages include flexible payment options based on your needs

            You decide how often you make mortgage payments based on your monthly budget
            Understand payments
            be mortgage free faster

            You can pay less interest and save money with a mortgage at Servus

            Apply your Profit Share Reward dollars directly to your mortgage and you will save thousands in interest and be mortgage free faster.

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            Be informed with our tools & resources

            Mortgage calculator

            Calculate your payment, calculate your amortization, or calculate your mortgage amount. Get calculating ?

            Servus Mortgage University

            Get the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. Start learning now ?

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